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Creating space for both solitude and collaboration, Quad by Davis Furniture brings ideal flexibility to busy work environments. This high back lounge was designed to define and divide spaces depending on how it is arranged, inward for group work or outward for individual time. The inherently geometric design is softened with sloping curves and a comfortable seat, creating a piece that works particularly well in open-plan work settings where teams need isolation and communication in equal parts.

Quad allows for privacy or collaboration on demand. The high-back enclosure features a 90-degree angle, wider angle than most privacy lounges, designed to create a space rather than isolate the individual. This collaborative lounge piece excels when used as a system, building intentional areas for focus or teamwork, facilitated by soft ottomans and lounge or individual height tables.

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The Davis Furniture story reflects the "spirit of enterprise" so common in the early development of the furniture industry in High Point, North Carolina. During World War II, John Turner Davis, Sr. recognized what many enterprising High Pointers had already seen during sixty years of furniture manufacturing in the area. Starting a family business was a way to establish future prosperity for him and his family.

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