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At API, operational excellence is at the core of our methods, tools and behaviors. In order to serve our customers well, it is important that all team members have access, at all times, to all information related to current projects and be able, at a glance, to detect any risk or issue. To this end, we constantly apply Lean principles in our activities, especially with regards to reducing inefficiencies and making information visually available.

Concretely, here is how we manage your projects:

Customer experience

Reinventing a workspace requires a detailed analysis of your needs. Your space isn’t just about a choice of products. It is a system that must be inherently flexible to meet your planning and collaboration needs while reflecting your tastes, your values, and the aestheticism specific to your business.

We understand that your furnishing and architectural projects are significant investments that will have a lasting impact on both the identity and the operations of your business. Rest assured that our services will meet your expectations.

Via exploratory meetings, brainstorming sessions and the use of technology such as 3D renderings, virtual reality, 3D printing and a digital materials library, we will proactively guide you to define solutions that will meet your needs for years to come.

Operational excellence

At API, operational excellence is at the core of our methods, tools, and behaviors. In order to provide our customers with high end services, it is important that our entire team have access, at all times, to all project related information and be able to identify any risk or issue with a quick glance at our visual dashboards.

To this end, we constantly apply Lean principles to our activities, particularly with regards to the reduction of inefficiencies, the systematic organization of regular project reviews and the availability of project status information.

The entire team is sensitized of the benefits of continuous improvement and is constantly involved in a series of initiatives aimed at providing our customers and partners with an impeccable business experience.

Social responsability

We firmly believe that a business can succeed and stand out while being responsible towards its customers, its partners, its team, the environment, and the society in which it operates. This flagship value guides every decision, both strategic and operational, made by our team. In addition, we are also financially involved with several organizations that promote well-being, mental and physical health causes, education, arts, and culture.

In addition, we are committed to providing fair prices to our customers, to doing business only with predominantly local manufacturers and partners who are themselves concerned about their social and environmental impact, and to actively work to reduce the ecological impact of our projects while promoting equity and diversity within our organization and ensuring that we always work with ethics and integrity.

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