Infuse movement into your work space. The Height-Adjustable Bench by Teknion provides each individual user the freedom to control their movement while working. Sit/stand height-adjustability allows users to frequently alternate their body posture throughout the work day. A wide product scope ensures seamless integration of height-adjustability into bench planning environments.,

The Height-Adjustable Bench is based on the Navigate electric sit/stand mechanisms and aesthetic.

Single or linked, stations create a workspace where users are empowered to choose their sit/stand work heights without compromising privacy or technological requirements.

Aesthetic and physical integration with Interpret, Leverage and other Teknion systems products is supported in an offering focused on systems details, common screen datums, multiple electric packages and three ranges of electric height adjustment.

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Teknion is a Canadian family business recognized for its international leadership in the design, manufacture and marketing of office furniture. With 60 years of existence in Quebec, it has developed Quebec know-how and become the largest manufacturer of office furniture in Canada. Teknion is also a major economic engine with spinoffs of more than $ 100 million in Quebec, with more than 150 Quebec partner companies. Teknion maintains this position in the market thanks to its intrinsic humanist values, and its sharing of expertise on new trends including the impact of "LEED" and "WELL certifications in projects.

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