Zones by Teknion includes a series of compact, semi-private Enclosed Zones intended for inward-facing focused work. Wood panels provide a warm and inviting aesthetic. Partial-height slots combined with partial-height fabric buffers provide a customizable level of softness and privacy.

Solo Lounge Zones
Furnished with a one-seat In-the-Zone Sofa and a medium pivoting table – can be placed adjacent to each other to create additional privacy within the configuration.

The Lounge Zone provides a protected, intimate meeting area – a casual, collaborative space. A large shared table provides a simple touch-down surface while sofas include a small fixed-position tablet for beverages or PDA.

Digital Meeting
Digital Lounge Meeting Zones provide a cocoon for interaction within the space as well as outside with virtual collaborators. The Zone is oriented so users face each other for a digitally collaborative meeting space. Full, soft interior fabric contributes to the casual lounge-like atmosphere. Desktop power on a task-height worksurface provides a formal technology-driven meeting space in a domestic environment.

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Teknion is a Canadian family business recognized for its international leadership in the design, manufacture and marketing of office furniture. With 60 years of existence in Quebec, it has developed Quebec know-how and become the largest manufacturer of office furniture in Canada. Teknion is also a major economic engine with spinoffs of more than $ 100 million in Quebec, with more than 150 Quebec partner companies. Teknion maintains this position in the market thanks to its intrinsic humanist values, and its sharing of expertise on new trends including the impact of "LEED" and "WELL certifications in projects.

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