Tek Pier

Tek Pier

Tek Pier by Teknion is a wall-integrated, height-adjustable worksurface and monitor combination. Mounting to an Altos frame, hidden sit-stand actuators enable height adjustability, while an articulating monitor arm adjusts for individual group or collaboration. The single Lifting Column provides height adjustability from 24″ to 43″ for a flexible and ergonomic collaboration experience.

Tek Pier is offered in three different worksurface shapes for varying collaborative applications up to five people. The articulating Origami arm design allows a multitude of viewing angles, with easy-to-direct positioning. The arm provides flexibility for single-person use, or for collaboration during a meeting, articulating up to 30° side to side.

Tek Pier is an ergonomic workstation that allows both the worksurface and the monitor to be adjusted simultaneously for sitting and standing scenarios. The Altos wall provides necessary structural and electrical support for Tek Pier, while also acting as an acoustic barrier for single-and double-sided applications.

Tek Pier by Teknion is designed with anti-collision technology for safety considerations and can be controlled with an optional app on a mobile phone. HDMI, USB and Power is available to facilitate collaboration and electrical access. Cables are effectively managed, maintaining a clean and organized workspace. Screen reader support enabled.

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Teknion is a Canadian family business recognized for its international leadership in the design, manufacture and marketing of office furniture. With 60 years of existence in Quebec, it has developed Quebec know-how and become the largest manufacturer of office furniture in Canada. Teknion is also a major economic engine with spinoffs of more than $ 100 million in Quebec, with more than 150 Quebec partner companies. Teknion maintains this position in the market thanks to its intrinsic humanist values, and its sharing of expertise on new trends including the impact of "LEED" and "WELL certifications in projects.

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