A collection of surfaces and seating, Qui is a flexible-use product that offers a multiplicity of deployments in reconfigurable formats. The collection defines and creates environments to encourage meaningful dialogue between a multitude of colleagues and small-format, touch-point areas for quick interactions and exchanges.

Designed by Monica Armani, the Qui collection comes from the idea of creating a family of products geared towards the theme of versatility to respond to the new and diverse needs of contemporary life and work. The items are conceived to be used with balance and harmony and create comfortable, cozy spaces that can be experienced and interpreted in different ways.

Ottomans are available in three sizes, with optional USB power available in the medium and large ottomans to integrate technology into the collaborative environment

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Studio TK is helping to change the culture of work. With our exclusive focus on social applications, we are creating spaces that are responsive to all the ways we work and all that our work demands.   From quiet focus to creative collaboration, social spaces are empowering people to choose how, where and with whom they do their best work. They are where connections are formed and communities are built.   Studio TK is helping bridge the gap between the spaces where we work and the work culture we aspire to create. By harnessing the power of our social applications, we are creating a new type of workplace that is improving wellbeing and increasing productivity across the office.

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